The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Summer or not, a chic pair of sunglasses is an undisputed fashion accessory that never goes out of style. But with an overwhelming variety of choices, how do you pick the perfect sunglasses that not only shield your eyes from the glare but also complement the unique contours of your face? Fret not! Whether you’re a fashion-forward millennial, a dedicated follower of retro eyewear trends, or just dipping your toes in the sartorial waters of style, this guide will illuminate the path to finding your sunglass soulmate.

Understanding Your Face Shape

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of frame and lens selection, it’s imperative to understand your face shape. Here are the common face shapes, with tips on how to determine yours:

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces feature gently rounded, relatively even features, with a forehead that’s slightly wider than the chin. Most styles work fabulously on this symmetrical canvas, but the key is maintaining this natural balance with frames that are too oversized or too small.

Round Face Shape

If your face’s width and length are roughly similar, accompanied by soft angles, you have a round face. Rectangular and geometric frames contrast your curves; a slight upsweep can help elongate your visage.

Square Face Shape

Square faces exhibit prominent jawlines, broad foreheads, and wide cheekbones. Choose round or oval-shaped sunglasses wider than your cheekbones to soften these features.

Heart Face Shape

With a broad brow and a narrow chin, heart-shaped faces look fantastic in winged-out frames like cat eyes that balance the width at the top of your face. Rimless styles can also complement this face shape well.

Diamond Face Shape

Narrow at the eye line and jawline, with angular features and wide or high cheekbones, diamond faces shine with top-heavy frames like semi-rimless options or bold brow lines that draw attention upward.

Oblong Face Shape

Take cues from your features if your face is noticeably longer than it is wide, often coupled with a long nose. Look for tall frames to help create a sense of depth and shades with a defined top to balance the length of your face.

Frame Material and Lens Types

Are you choosing between plastic and metal frames? Lightweight plastics are a boon for comfort during long wear, while metals offer sturdy resilience. For lenses, decide between polarized or tinted based on your lifestyle; the former for reducing glare, and the latter for varying light conditions.

Try Before You Buy

Pictures can be deceiving. TryTry the sunglasses on if possible to ensure they’re the right fit. Pay attention to temples that aren’t too tight, nose pads that sit just right, and lenses that cover the eyes fully without obstructing vision.

The Trend Factor

Stay updated with eyewear trends, but be discerning. What’s in vogue might not flatter your face. Instead, opt for timeless pieces that harmonize with your features over fleeting trends.

The Role of Skin Tone

Now that the shape is sorted, skin tone plays a pivotal role in frame color selection. Cooler skin tones pop with black, blue, pink, purple, mauve, and gray frames, while warmer tones glow in shades like camel, khaki, peach, orange, coral, off-white, and red.

UV Protection: Non-Negotiable

While aesthetics are vital, don’t skimp on UV protection. Sunglasses should block 100% of UV rays or feature UV400 protection, effectively keeping harmful UVA and UVB rays at bay.


Selecting the ideal sunglasses involves understanding your face shape and skin tone, ensuring proper UV protection, considering comfort, and aligning with your style. With this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the myriad of choices and find the pair that looks incredible, feels excellent, and serves its purpose — protecting your eyes with panache.

Remember, the perfect pair of sunglasses is the one that you feel fabulous in. So, make it your own, whether you go for aviator, butterfly, cat-eye, goggles, or any other style. Embrace the sunshine with confidence, style, and the perfect shades.

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