Indulge in the allure of brilliance with our Moissanite Buffs collection, featuring the 6.7 CTW Custom Made Fully Iced Out Moissanite Frame. Each frame boasts a 4 mm .3 carat stone, VVS1 clarity, and D color, set in solid .925 Silver Hardware for a luxurious statement piece. Personalize your style with a Fully Custom Frame, complete with a Custom Text Nose Bridge – the epitome of Iced Out Buffs Authentic Frame Luxury Sunglasses. Explore the harmonious blend of Moissanite and Genuine Horn in our Moissanite & Genuine Horn Iced Out Buffs, showcasing 2.46 tcw VVS stones. Elevate your elegance with the Drilled Moissanite & Genuine Horn Double Row featuring Iced Out Buffs C’s, where luxury meets exceptional craftsmanship in every detail.