Iced Out Buffs’ All Natural Genuine Horn Care Cream

Iced Out Buffs’ All Natural Genuine Horn Care Cream


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Iced Out Buffs’ All Natural Genuine Horn Care Cream

Home made natural / genuine horn care cream

comes in a .25 oz container

use sparingly as this cream should last a very long time, only a tiny amount on the buffer pad and apply. Cover the entire surface of horn. Thin layer of care cream coats and protects your horns while giving a bright shine and enhancing the textures and colors of the natural horn. Absolutely amazing product!!!

made with:

Organic Refined Coconut Oil

Paraffin Wax

Sandalwood & Jasmine Oil


-Warm the oil before applying: Warming the oil before applying it will help it to penetrate the horn more easily. You can warm the oil by placing the bottle in a cup of warm water.
-Rub the oil in thoroughly: Be sure to rub the oil in thoroughly so that it coats all of the surfaces of the jewelry.
-Let the oil absorb: After applying the oil, let it absorb for a few minutes before polishing the jewelry.
-Polish the jewelry: Once the oil has absorbed, you can polish the jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil and give it a shine.
By following these tips, you can help to keep your horn jewelry looking its best for years to come.


Comes with any purchase of genuine horn iced-out glasses. Is not included with frame kits, replacement kits, replacement lenses, or plain jane frames unless your order has diamond cut lenses selected.


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